“Our ability to transform the Earth has created the illusion that we control Nature and that, somehow, we are separate from her (…) Currently, our survival as a species depends on our capacity to adapt to our environment in new ways.


The solution to this theme, fundamental to our era, will determine our viability as a species. We have to adapt our institutions and our buildings, landscapes and settlements in function of this objective.”


Anne Whiston Spirin “Architecture in the Landscape: toward a Unified Vision” en Landscape Architecture, 80, August 1990.

The Centre for Contemporary Art and Sustainability (CACiS) El Forn de la Calç is a private non-profit initiative founded in 2008 which receives support from the town of Calders and the Government of Catalunya.


The Centre is named after the group of buildings where it is based, a renovated industrial complex that is one of the 150 buildings in the Industrial Heritage list of Catalunya.


The association which manages the Centre and its activities is made up of an interdisciplinary group of independent artists, environmental scientists and educators.




Support for Production

A place for national and international exchanges between different areas of thought; art, science or any other discipline with interest in the fields of experimentation, ecology and sustainability.


An initiative for exhibitions related to artistic work concerning nature, social criticism and the environment.


Art and the environment

artists, teachers, schools, general public …) can find a suitable space for relating to each other and better understanding the practise of contemporary art.




A space for closing the gap between artistic creation and production and the public’s understanding, fostering learning about the languages and discourses of contemporary art.