The site of El Forn de la Calç is in the municipality of Calders, 5 km from the centre of the village, in the district of Moianès. This is a district of 335 km² located in the central high plateau of Catalunya, a zone of transit between the Pyrenees and the Coast.

All the buildings of the El Forn de la Calç complex were designed following the principles of bioclimatic architecture, aiming for comfort while applying principles of sustainability and energy efficiency.


Exhibition space


A building beside the kilns where the sacks of lime were kept as well as water reserves.


It has two floors:


  • The lower, or big room, measures 40 m² and is used for temporary exhibitions.
  • The upper, or small room, measures 10m2 and houses a permanent exhibition about the kilns

Performance space


The performance space measures 40 m² and was previously used to store the firewood used to heat the kilns.

It has been re-floored and the old asbestos roof removed.


It is used for concerts, theater and live arts, often related to the temporary exhibitions.


The residency space has two double apartments with bathroom as well as a shared kitchen / dining room measuring 30 m² and equipped with all the necessary services (kitchen, fridge, washing machine etc.).



The neighboring buildings are used for various workshops, seminaries and/or cultural activities.


This building is for the resident artists to carry out their projects (CACiS provides materials and equipment for the selected projects) and teach classes.


One room of 70 m² and three rooms of 25 m² each.